Cabinet de curiosité DeyrolleSince 1831, Deyrolle offers to Nature lovers and professionals, schools, universities, museums, scientific or medical centers, materials for natural science such as zoology, botanic, mineralogy, conchiliology, teaching apparatus of many sorts as well as insects and shells collections, mounted animals of many kind, natural wonders and collection pieces.

The principle of Deyrolle was always to bring to human nature the sence of observation and description : ‘an image is worth a thousand words’, so If one want to protect nature, one has to know it, understand it and overcome the cycles of reproduction of species as well.

In february 2008, a terrible fire severely damaged the Cabinets of Curiosities (also known as Wunderkammer or wonder-rooms) as well as the entomology room and a large part of the historical collections. Deyrolle was saved because of the extraordinary enthusiasm of so many of its fan including Hermes, numerous artists that worldwide contributed to realise piece artwork for an auction done by Christie’s last November. As a result, the entomology room has been opened during the fall 2009.

Today, the store is as beautiful as ever, with still collection of large mammals, magnificent mounted birds and other beautiful and astonishing natural wonders.

Articles de cette rubrique

Mounted Animals (MOUNTED ANIMALS)

Originally, Deyrolle’s taxidermy activity was oriented toward pedagogical purposes. The mounted animals were used as zoological teaching material. It soon attracted hunters eager to immortalize their trophies and games. The ornamental and aesthetic aspect of mounted mammals and birds quickly (...) > suite


New pedagogical boards (PEDAGOGICAL BOARDS)

With “Deyrolle pour l’Avenir”, the store reconnects with its pedagogical board editing activities by offering news boards detailing present-day issues. Aesthetically and scientifically accurate, these new communication tools covering subjects such as nature preservation and sustainable development appeal to the general public as well as private companies and numerous institutions. > suite

Vintage Pedagogical Boards (PEDAGOGICAL BOARDS)

In 1866, Emile Deyrolle takes over the ownership of the company Deyrolle founded by his grandfather. Both were natural sciences aficionados. The grandson developed various items used as teaching material ; anatomical models, biological pieces, and the most important of all : the publishing of (...) > suite


Wunderkammer / wonder-rooms
Respectful of the tradition of the place, curious people and Natural artefact collectors can find all kinds of treasures. One still can find at Deyrolle astonishing mineral collections, ostrich eggs mounted on stands, painting and other valuable items, butterfly wing collages, atypical mounted (...) > suite


Passionate by Natural Sciences, Jean Baptiste Deyolle developed insects and rare butterflies’ collections. During decades they attracted many common amateurs and well known entomologists such as Eugène Le Moult who was the author to many books. Nowadays, original cabinets with their glass (...) > suite


An increasing number of Nature lovers start their own herbarium. It requires both an interest for botany and a real artistic touch. This outdoor activity is really enjoyable to do with kids. It opens them up to the plant world and teaches them to be respectful towards it. Traditionally, (...) > suite


SHELLS If the Washington Convention regulates the trade of the protected species of shells, there is still a wide variety of shells available in the oceans and can be found in Deyrolle’s collections. Whether strange, nacred, colourful, impressive, delicate or architectural they come from (...) > suite


Deyrolle’s rock and mineral collection was created to provide the French Ministry of Education with the pedagogical tools for secondary schools. Boxes of rocks and minerals labelled the old fashion way, containing pieces of schist, calcareous stones, European granite, quartz, gypsum, pyrite, are (...) > suite

The "Prince Jardinier” (DEYROLLE IN ENGLISH !)

Store on the ground floor
Since 2002, the concept store created by Louis Albert de Broglie evolving around the life in the garden, offers on the ground floor of the shop a selection of high quality items for gardeners and garden lovers. > suite

Contact / How to find us (DEYROLLE IN ENGLISH !)

Deyrolle 46 rue du Bac 75007 Paris Tel : + 33 (0) 1 42 22 30 07 Métro : Rue du Bac Bus : 84, 63, 69, 68, 94 et 83 Located in the heart of Paris near the boulevard Saint Germain, Deyrolle is located at the number 46 of the street du Bac in a private town house owned in the past by the son (...) > suite

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