New pedagogical boards

With “Deyrolle pour l’Avenir”, the store reconnects with its pedagogical board editing activities by offering news boards detailing present-day issues. Aesthetically and scientifically accurate, these new communication tools covering subjects such as nature preservation and sustainable development appeal to the general public as well as private companies and numerous institutions.

Historically, Deyrolle has influenced many generations of pupils with their presence on the classroom walls. Often they were put on the black board by teachers while giving a natural science lesson. First supplier of the French public schools since 1866, Deyrolle has supplied for over 100 years primary and secondary schools as well as universities worldwide with pedagogical material. Witness of an era where Natural Sciences were the backbone of education, these posters were summarized by Emile Deyrolle’s motto : “a beautiful picture is much better than a long speech an image is worth a thousand words as long as the information is rigorously accurate”.

Today Deyrolle puts the boards back in the centre of the ecological debate. After having “Explained Earth to the people” it is now time to preserve it. The issues addressed are chosen to sensitise the public to several issues : Water’s rarefaction, Protection of the Fauna and Flora biodiversity, global warming, Natural disasters, waste management or even the best habits to adopt for a healthy nutrition and how to become an eco-friendly citizens. The texts are written by different experts , among wich Yves Paccalet a natural scientist and philosopher who wrote and participated on many publications about ecology and spent 15 years with Captain Cousteau on la Calypso . The drawings are done by well known and talented illustrators. They had the difficult task of capturing and recreating the spirit of the original boards while modernizing them. What would Emile Deyrolle think about the new boards, he who wrote : “Education by the eyes is the less tiresome for the mind. However, this education can only bear its fruits if the described material is perfectly accurate” ? Surely he would have been seduced by these pedagogical tools.

All new boards are approved by the French Ministry of Environment, UNESCO (PNUD), ADEME and the MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE OF PARIS. Deyrolle is also a member of the Comité 21(this comity is an association providing guidelines for sustainable development) and of the Comité d’éducation à l’Environnement Francilien (Educational comity for the Parisian region’s environment). A comity of experts collaborates on the production of each new board. These experts work hand in hand with our partners’ specialist.


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