Mounted Animals

Zèbre naturaliséOriginally, Deyrolle’s taxidermy activity was oriented toward pedagogical purposes. The mounted animals were used as zoological teaching material. It soon attracted hunters eager to immortalize their trophies and games. The ornamental and aesthetic aspect of mounted mammals and birds quickly gained in popularity. Animals are nowadays rented or sold for movie sets, television shows, special events and even store windows. They are also very much sought after by collectors and people searching for unusual ornamental pieces.

Large big cats, polar and Canadian bears, moose, ostriches, sheep, goats, donkeys, bison and buffaloes come and go along the clients’ desires as well as our purchasing opportunities. Numerous birds are available and at least a hundred of them can be seen on display. The animals come from Deyrolle’s vintage collection or have been recently mounted by well known taxidermists using animals sourced from zoological reserves, circuses or captive-bred birds. The Washington convention regulates international animal trade and provides guidelines for our choices in order not to endanger the survival of any specie.


Mounted animals Paris Mounted animals Paris Mounted animals Paris Mounted animals Paris Mounted animals Paris Mounted animals Paris

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