If the Washington Convention regulates the trade of the protected species of shells, there is still a wide variety of shells available in the oceans and can be found in Deyrolle’s collections. Whether strange, nacred, colourful, impressive, delicate or architectural they come from every ocean and represent many shell families such as gastropod, bivalve, cephalopod, nautilus, star fish, cowrie and much more. They are all much appreciated for their ornamental values. Precious and delicate, our shells are mostly sold in the store and only a limited selection of small specimen is available on the website.


Blue, white, orange or red, corals from all over different place in the world are regularly some time put for sale in the store, with their CITES, when needed. Widely diverse in shape, their ornamental aspect and beauty are astonishing and help to understand how important is to protect the sea bed .

Do not hesitate to call us at 00 33 (0)142 22 30 07 to get updates on the new coral arrivals, which happens not very often.


With our regular shipments, Natural wonders collectors will also find the most extraordinary crustaceans. Presented in boxes, sold individually or mounted on stands like our unique segmented crustaceans, they will appeal to the amateurs of oceanic curiosities.

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