ENTOMOLOGYPassionate by Natural Sciences, Jean Baptiste Deyolle developed insects and rare butterflies’ collections. During decades they attracted many common amateurs and well known entomologists such as Eugène Le Moult who was the author to many books.

Nowadays, original cabinets with their glass drawers still protect thousands of mounted insects brought from every continents. The collection are constantly renewed and resupplied by our correspondents and hunters all over the world. Common species to more unusual ones are collected within the rules and guidelines set by the Washington Convention. The collections vary with seasonal changes and shipments. However, most of the Coleoptera and Lepidoptera families can be found in our collections.

The insects are received in small bundles. They are then individually spread and pinned in our facilities with regards to the best techniques, and then sold individually in carrying boxes, or in traditional entomological display boxes. All the required equipment for insect hunters and collectors is available in our store : catching nets, spreading boards, pins, entomological display boxes, labels and much more. They can be found in the store and on the website.


Entomology Paris Entomology Paris Entomology Paris Entomology Paris Entomology Paris Entomology Paris

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